YCREA Day of Caring 2023

2021 Day of Caring

This is our twelfth year of our MEA Retired Educators Day of Caring. Each MEA-RETIRED County Association is asked to doing something special for a school in their county on or around September 11th to honor the memory of those who gave their lives on September 11, 2001.
We had a beautiful day, lots of food and a great feeling of doing something nice for someone else. And the final extra special activity was to share pizza with the Saco Firefighters.
We worked at the Young School in Saco with four of our members and the principal and three members of their parent group and school board members. We were a small but mighty group and accomplished all that was planned. We are especially excited about the playground games we painted. Thanks to Staples, we had a filled school box for each of the students. We were also able to present the principal a donation from our York County Retired Educators and Maine Retired Educators.

2019 Day of Caring
In 2019 we partnered with Education Majors from St Joseph’s College and completed projects needing attention at Marshwood Middle School.

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2019 YCREA President Joan Warren and Principal Tony Bourbon
Pat Kennedy and St Joseph college student painting the cafeteria
Skip Cousins painting
Diane Zehner and Barbara Kumin cleaning trophy cases

2018 Day of Caring was most successful!

On Sept 15, 2018, we partnered with Education students from St Joseph’s College
and completed many projects at Line Elementary School.

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2017 Day of Caring Dayton Consolidated Schools
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2016 Day of Caring
Jameson Elementary School 
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2015 Day of Caring Eliot Elementary School

We partnered with Education majors from St Joseph’s College
for some extra hands. We painted the bottom half of the gym, organized a student activities storage closet, raked mulch, and did some gardening from 8 am to 2:30  pm.

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2014 Day of Caring Acton Elementary School

YCREA members teamed up with St. Joseph’s College students along with parents and staff from Acton Elementary. The principal had a long list of chores that needed to be done which included painting, cleaning out a shed, making curtains, etc. Lunch was served, and a good time was had by all! Retired educators ROCK!

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YCREA 50th Anniversary

Oct. 2013 at Coastal House, Wells, Maine.
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Diane Zehner, President